Premarital Counseling

The Word calls women to teach women, in a local church context.

Our goal is to prepare couples for marriage. You’ll discover the joy of learning and knowing your fiancé at levels you never imagined. You’ll know how to apply and experience God’s Word as it relates to marriage. Ultimately, you’ll discover if you indeed are “fit to be tied.” We aim to make this ministry available only to our church, so that everyone in the church can know and understand the importance and the joys of marriage.

Family Counseling

This counseling helps couples discover God’s original plan for their marriage that they might become doers of His Word in their relationships. Couples must move from “knowing what to do” to “doing what they know,” and in the process, healing can take place. The heart of the ministry is that all families of Disciples Church come under the authority and power of God’s Word and are led by the Holy Spirit, in order for their marriages to reflect Christ’s relationship to the Church (Ephesians 5:21-33).

Individual Counseling

This counseling provides biblical counseling for individuals who need help with:
• turning away from sin and embracing the experience of divine forgiveness
• stimulating spiritual growth
• modeling Christian standards and attitudes
• improving interpersonal relationships
We aim to lead counselees toward biblical wisdom to instill a sense of responsibility, guide sound decision-making and expedite problem solving in times of crisis.

Youth Counseling

Our heart for the youth at Disciples Church is to know Christ and His Word and to understand that His Word speaks to every situation they will ever encounter (1 Corinthians 10:13). We aim to help our youth discover that problems are avenues by which the Holy Spirit convicts them to acknowledge their human limitations and declare their need for God’s wisdom and power in their lives. This biblical counseling can take place in scheduled sessions with prior appointments or as an informal conversations and should result in our youth experiencing the hope and healing that God offers in His Word.



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