10 Years of Celebrating Discipleship Life

I n August 2018 DISCIPLES Church celebrated its 10th year as the Disciples of CHRIST family.

The First Five Years: 2008 – 2012

Disciples Church had its humble beginning in a small rental hut with Pastor’s wife along with two of his kids as early believers in the church in the year 2008 . Formerly Disciples Church was known as ‘Mahanaim Revival Church’. The GOD one who is faithful always brought the people to HIS church and led them to the born again experience of the salvation. Slowly by the grace of GOD, the congregation was growing.

The Second Five Years: 2013 – 2018

We can proudly say that it was not pastor or the congregation who brought the people every time but it is GOD who brings people to HIS church because HE is faithful and because HE is lovable and because HE wants people to be saved. HE uses pastor and the congregation as the tools to accomplish HIS will for HIS glory who alone deserves all the praise, honour and glory always.
By HIS mercy, HE has provided the own place for HIS church and by HIS compassion HE has provided to accomplish the task of building the church’s building.
HIS FAITHFULNESS CONTINUES ...................................




Our Believes